Headlights & Goodbyes​-​6 Track EP

by Cheynne Murphy

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Rollicking, harmony fuelled, folk-rock in the vein of Californian soul bands (Eagles, America and Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Acoustic guitar driven and features a collaboration with Jeff Martin from the Tea Party. ts uplifting chorus supports the lyrical theme of making big empowering choices and the sobering acknowledgement that ultimately we can never turn back the time.


released December 3, 2018


all rights reserved



Cheynne Murphy Byron Bay, Australia

Byron Bay artist Cheynne Murphy debuted his first EP titled Firesongs for the Soul at the world famous Byron Bay Bluefest 2009 in the company of giants such as the Blind Boys of Alabama, John Butler, & Michael Franti amongst others. While Firesongs for the Soul explores a folk rock sound, Sunsongs For the Soul is Cheynne's journey into writing warm retro acoustic pop songs. ... more

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Track Name: Give Up On Me
Give Up on Me
I don’t want you to own me,
I don't want to own you,
But I feel I’m suffocating,
(I’m) somewhere I can hardly breathe

Trying hard, to feel free
Trying hard, just trying to be me,
I feel I need a break through,
I feel I need release.

And I, want to open up,
Draw these curtains from my heart
Shed some light upon the dark

I, see a different point of view
I think our time is through
I’m giving up on you
I hope that you can see and give up on me

Please don't think, that I don’t care,
You’re just part of my crooked destiny,
I can stitch it up, but I still feel the tear,
(I’m) Underneath the surface, I need little air

Change is going to come
Track Name: Run Aground
Run Aground

I still remember the day we met, on the cliffs down by the sea,
Sun bursts on the horizon, your eyes warm and free.

We said it’d be forever, a commitment so true,
But like a tree with its branches, I grew away from you.

I won’t forget all the good times, didn’t mean to bring us down
Our love was an ocean, but I’ve run aground

Contemplating the aftermath, and the taste of bitter tears
I hope there can be some forgiveness,
Blame, turns to poison through the years

Our love was an ocean, but we’ve run aground

Looking out to the horizon (All these tears we cry)
I see its all just destiny (touching the earth so dry)
My broken heart can make me stronger (running out with the tide)
These broken hearts they can set us free (love cannot die)

I won’t deny all the good times, didn’t mean to bring us down

Our love was an ocean,
This love was an ocean,
Your love was an ocean,
I’ve run aground
But we’ve run aground
Track Name: New Love
New Love
I believe I can find the good,
When things don't work out the way I think they should,
It came to me in a morning rain, that at you,
I can no longer lay the blame

Time you can change me

Where’s it gone in the days so long
I wander through the streets alone
to find new love, going to find new love

Where’s the right in these days so wrong,
I hope that I can get along and
find new love, going to find new love

So round we go, this merry-goes round
Strung out on coffee, thoughts won’t touch the ground
Caught your eyes in a crowded bar,
Hoping I’ll find a way to an open heart.

Time you can change me

It’s getting clearer all the time
Track Name: The Treasure Chest
The Treasure Chest

I don't have so much money,
Nor bullions of gold,
But what I have is a treasure chest,
And its full of heart and soul.

People say that I dream to much,
That I'm getting old,
But maturity is like the finest wine,
Open it and share it with the world

I'm ready, so ready, in my heart is rockin' roll,
Don't tell me to give this up,
Cause I'd rather burn in hell.

An I wander through the mountains,
Down the valley to the sea,
And this country she breathes through me,
In this country I feel free.

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